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Gray Cat Games was designed for two reasons–for Zach and Chelsey to geek out over board games and to help guide people who are new to board games and not sure where to start.

New posts will go up every Mondays at 7 AM EST. (It used to be Thursdays, as well, but for the sake of quality we decided to cut back to once a week.) New and recent posts will appear on the home page (which is simply graycatgames.com). If you want to be updated when a new post goes live, you can sign up for our newsletter!

Posts are currently sorted in two ways: by the number of players the game supports and by the type of game. So if you know you like Euro games (for example) and you want to see more of those, you can click the drop-down menu on “Games by Type” and then click on “Euro Games.”

If you’d like to get to know us, you can read our About page.

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